Wintex 2000

The Wintex 2000 is a strong soil sampler for large 60cm soil samples. It has been developed on the basis of 15 years of experience in manufacturing soil sampling equipment and collecting samples. 

The Wintex 2000 take soil samples in any kind of soil; clay, hard, compact, dry and sandy soil. It is 100% automatic and can take soil samples from two different layers in just one operational step. The Wintex 2000 has two programs; Program 1 takes soil samples from a single depth while Program 2 splits the sample into two at the same time. The sample depths can be adjusted numerous combinations making the Wintex 2000 a very flexible option for collecting soil sample. 

The probe goes into the ground by means of a hydraulic hammer carrying out 2100 blows/min, and pressure from the cylinder. The soil can be filled into bags or boxes by means of a funnel, ready to be sent to the laboratory.