Liquid Nutrients

Liquid Livestock Nutrition

What makes VitaVet different?

  • The company is led by an experienced team of livestock production professionals.
  • Supported by the most innovative delivery systems. National network of professional distributors.
  • Integrated approach to pasture fertilisation and feed supplementation.
  • Strong formulation technology based on both emulsions and suspensions to ensure accurate and precise dose and absorption.
  • May be administered to cattle and sheep in measured quantities in drinking water, applied as a liquid spray in feed rations, applied as a grain coating, sprayed on hay or as a premix for a finished ration.
  • VitaVet Products are manufactured to a high quality standards under ISO 9001 accreditation.

VitaVet is an Australian owned company focused on delivering livestock nutrition and health medication through precise water delivery systems or added to grain or feed rations. All products are manufactured in Australia and specifically formulated for diverse livestock production systems and customized supplementary or medication requirements.

The product range is well suited to general pasture supplementation, stubble grazing, lot feeding, aggregation or stress associated with transport and handling, dairy and northern Australia phosphorous management programs.


The manufacturing expertise of VitaVet ensures products are stable in liquid form,with good shelf life and the nutrients are in a form which is available to the animal.

VitaVet products contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that have a a role in the normal maintenance, growth and developement, metabolism and fertility of sheep and cattle.


Fortastub is a medicated premix containing Bovatec for improved growth and feed conversion, and essential nutrients including calcium, magnesium and zinc to combat nutrient deficiencies during stubble grazing or feeding grain based supplements.



FortaGEN is formuated as a general mineral supplement for cattle and sheep. It may be used in situations of known pasture mineral deficiencies under general grazing or stubble feeding conditions or applied to grain supplements. It contains a broad spectrum of chelated minerals, amino acids, seaweed extract and fulvic acid important for growth and reproductive performance. 


FortaLYTE is specially formulated with chelated minerals and electrolytes that are readily absorbed to help restore mineral balance caused by stress. It may be applied via water troughs in stock yards when handling cattle, sheep or pigs. It may also be used prior to or post transportation of cattle and sheep to help assist with water retention and prevent body weight loss due to dehydration. FortaLYTE contains a broad spectrum of chelated minerals including electrolytes, amino acids, seaweed extract, fulvic acid and glycine important for nutritional balance of livestock at times of stress.



FortaPHOS is formulated to correct phosphorus deficiencies in cattle and sheep. It contains a broad spectrum of chelated minerals, amino acids, seaweed extract and fulvic acid important for growth and reproductive performance. FortaPHOS is a liquid mineral supplement uniquely formulated to ensure uptake of both Phosphate and Calcium. 

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