Your complete Nutrient Management System. 

The more you test - The more you know

  • Make the right decisions based off your lab results, typically posted in 5-10 days.
  • Build your own recommendations, variable rate prescriptions and controller files.
  • Spread your fertiliser and soil ameliorant dollars wisely.
  • View your complete soil sampling history to compare results year after year.
  • Maximize potential for higher yields.
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With Soil Test Pro, you are in control of your nutrient management needs and fertiliser application. 

Soil Test Pro makes it easy and cost effective to grid sample your farm and make informed decisions. Soil Test Pro provides you with a comprehensive analysis from which you can build fertiliser recommendation or controller files while having access to your information anywhere, anytime.

Soil sampling is a vital part of good farm management and is the difference between guessing and knowing. Soil analysis prior to crop establishment provides an estimate of what nutrients should be available to plants. With Soil Test Pro soil sampling is now easier than ever!

The Soil Test Process is straight forward and easy.

Soil Test Pro is a two-part system- the Web headquarters on your computer AND the Soil Test Pro app on your tablet or smartphone. The two pieces SYNC together so you have all the information you need when and where you need it. You can view nutrients levels across the paddock to increase your farm planning effectiveness. You store and own all your fertility information. 

Additionally, should you operate John Deere equipment, Soil Test Pro is now compatible with your John Deere operations centre allowing you to sync the devices for transfer of paddock setup information including name, boundaries, and area.

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