Wintex Agro is a specialist manfacturer of machines for collecting soil samples. With 15 years' experience, Wintex has established a worldwide network supplying soil sampling equipment of the highest quality and efficiency. 

The Wintex range of samplers are efficient, strong, user-friendly and fully automatic. The depth can be adjusted according to the user's needs. What sets Wintex apart from its competitors is the ability to perform all functions comfortable from the driver's seat.

Wintex Agro attaches great importance to precision, reliability, security, user-friendliness, and competitive pricing.

The wintex samplers require only minimum maintenance and operate in all soil including sandy, clay, hard, compact and dry soil. The probe goes into the ground by means of a hydraulic hammer and pressure from the cylinder. The pressure is adjustable according to the type of soil.


The custom-made probe rotates when it has reached the desired depth and picks up soil. On its way up, a homogeneous sample core of soil is filled into the soil box. The probe holds the soil on its way up and is emptied fully after each operation. The soil can then be filled into a bag or box by means of a funnel, ready to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Wintex currently offer five soil sampling probes. 

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